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Refund Policy

This guide provides details about the company's refund policy for the products / services 2 minutes read

QrCodeGenerator’s standard policy for refunds is that no refunds will be made in regular cases. This includes cases such as:

To manage risk from the cases above, QrCodeGenerator:

QrCodeGenerator will make a refund only in the following cases:

1. When a recurring payment is made because auto-renewal was active but you did not intend to renew

When you purchase a subscription with QrCodeGenerator, auto-renewal is kept active by default. This is done so that your account and API key can remain active and your API integration (generation of QR Codes) is not affected. However, at the time of purchase you are given the option to cancel auto-renewal. You can also cancel auto-renewal anytime via your account settings.

However, we understand that sometimes there can be a delay in cancelling auto-renewal. In this case, you will automatically be charged. An email notification is sent to you whenever a recurring payment is made to renew your account.

If you notify us in a timely manner that you did not wish to renew your account, QrCodeGenerator will make a full refund of your last recurring payment if the following schedule is followed:

Renewal Period / Refund claim is made within:

1 Month - 7 Days

12 Months - 14 Days

The refund will be made within 24 hours and your will receive the amount within 7-10 working days.

2. When you upgrade to a higher plan but you still have a specific period remaining from the previous subscription

It is possible that you may wish to upgrade to a higher plan (Free to Plus, Free to Premium, Plus to Premium) in between your existing subscription period.

In this case, we will calculate the remaining amount you are eligible for and offer a discount coupon of that amount. You can use this coupon to deduct the amount from the new purchase (upgradation) you are making.

Alternatively, we can also extend the validity of your new subscription plan by a time period equivalent to the refund amount you are eligible for.

Note that the refund amount will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

To exercise this option, please reach out to

3. When you face recurring technical issues with QrCodeGenerator

It is possible that you face technical issues with QrCodeGenerator that hampers QR Code generation. In such cases, reach out to our technical team at and we will try our best to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

However, in the event that the issue is not resolved in a timely manner and generation of QR Codes is affected as a result, you can demand a refund.

Such cases will be dealt by the executive team and a decision will be made on a case-to-case basis.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions regarding our refund policy, please reach out to our support team at

Last updated on: 1 February, 2022