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How to create short link?

Created on 30 January, 2024Getting Started • 120 views • 1 minutes read

Unlock the potential of dynamic QR codes with's guide on creating short links. Learn the benefits, steps, and advanced options for seamless QR code marketing. simplifies the creation of short links for dynamic QR codes. Understand the role of short links and learn how to harness their benefits in dynamic QR code generation.

What is a Short Link?

A short link is a concise version of a URL, enhancing shareability and ease of use. In dynamic QR code creation, short links are instrumental for improved user experiences and insightful analytics.

Benefits of Short Links in Dynamic QR Codes:

  1. Analytic Insights: Short links offer robust analytics, providing valuable data on user engagement, click-through rates, and geographical information.
  2. Dynamic URL Management: Modify the destination URL associated with the short link easily. This flexibility is crucial for marketing campaigns and promotions.

Steps to Create a Short Link for Dynamic QR Code:

  1. Navigate to the Link Section: Click on "Link" in the sidebar menu and find the "Create Link" button at the top right.
  2. Define Destination URL: Enter the URL users will access when opening the short link.
  3. Choose a URL Alias: Optionally, assign a memorable alias for branding or marketing purposes.
  4. Click Create: Hit the "Create" button to generate the short link.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a short link. Now, link it with a dynamic QR code for enhanced functionality.

Additional Options After Short Link Creation:

  • App Linking: Associate the short link with a mobile app for a seamless transition between web and app content.
  • Pixels: Integrate pixels for enhanced tracking and analytics.
  • Temporary URL: Set a time-limited URL for short links that need to expire after a specific duration.
  • Targeting: Customize short link behavior based on user characteristics or location.
  • Protection: Implement security measures such as password protection or link expiration.
  • Cloaking: Mask the destination URL to enhance the link's aesthetic appeal.
  • HTTP Status: Configure the HTTP status code for the short link.
  • Advanced Options: Explore advanced settings for a tailored experience.

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